Care Instructions when purchasing your Organic Cotton garments

Our garments are made of the raw material of 100% Organic cotton variety Tanguis.

Garments are not treated with any chemical and It is important to read some tips about how to care the garments and some facts that will let you choose the right size and right maintenance of your delicate garments:

1. When you purchase a garment be aware about 5 to 10% shrinkage during the first wash as it is made of pure organic cotton. Some people decide to get a size up and so they can ensure the size of the garment will be still ok after the first wash.

Before you purchase the garment , don't hesitate in contacting us, asking for measurements, We are happy to provide them. We like to see happy costumers. Otherwise visit us at our markets and events posted on our Facebook page.

2. We recommend you to hand wash your garment only with cold water, sometimes We ourselves wash our own garments in the washing machine at a hand wash cycle. We wash our garments with fabric softener and washing powder.

3. Except for the hand knitted /crochetted garments that have to be lie down on a flat surface for drying, the other garments can be dried in the clothesline. We recommend reverse the garment and don't expose it to the extreme sun. Please don't dry the garments in the dryer.

4. The colour of the garment is first light cream, but after some washes will become bright white which is the final colour of the garment. That is, because the garments initially has the natural cotton oils, and with the wash these oils will be rinsed. 

Sometime after the first wash the garment has some yellow patches, don't worry, it is just the cotton oils. One option that we recommend if that happens is to wash the clothes again with abundant water and then your garment will be fine.

5. Ironing is not generally required, but if you would like to iron it , just use medium heat iron. The steamer may help too.

6. If your garment get stained, just use stain remover. 

7. Garments are dyeable, if you would like to do so, We recommend for you to use natural dyes.